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Key Considerations for Business & IT Continuity


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Business interruptions such as site closures due to fire, natural disasters, severe weather, and pandemics can displace employees from their workplace, significantly impacting the productivity of the employees; in turn financially impacting organizations. Join Bob Laliberte, ESG and Dave Podwojski, Dir. of Gov't, Education & Health, Citrix, Americas and discover the key technology components in an effective workforce & business continuity strategy.

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PCI & Virtualization: Achieving PCI Compliance in Complex Environments
In this webinar Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, ESG and Allan MacPhee, Senior Product Manager, Trend Micro examine security challenges and PCI Compliance in complex environments. They also discuss how compliance can be more difficult to achieve in a virtualized environment as well as PCI DSS 2.0 specification requirements.

Where Ignorance Is Not Bliss: Understanding How Virtualization and Cloud Computing Changes Security Management
This webcast explores the changes in security management wrought by the transformative technology of virtualization - changes that enterprises cannot afford to ignore - and the emergence of new techniques and tools that give enterprises the visibility and control over the virtual environment this new paradigm requires.

Shield Vulnerabilities with Virtual Patching from Trend Micro
Got older systems? Shield vulnerabilities before they can be exploited! No time or budget to upgrade Windows 2000, hard-to-patch databases, or other unsupported systems? Without bug fixes, patch releases, or workarounds, these systems are vulnerable to new malware and other cybercriminal exploits. See what Trend Micro virtual patching can do for you.

Rethink Your Web Gateway Security - Why You Need More than URL Filtering
Cybercriminals are more organized to the point that web-borne malware has become an integral part of the Internet. This webinar explores the changing threat landscape, the movement toward cloud-based technologies in response to changing security requirements, and why real-time threat intelligence and consolidation of security services at the Internet gateway brings greater protection for less cost.

Practical VM Security Techniques for Internal and External Virtualized Infrastructures
This webcast discusses current trends in virtual infrastructure security while offering practical techniques for securely managing today's virtual infrastructures. Learn new approaches for virtualization security, security features that should be included in all production-use hypervisors, as well as key questions that IT decision makers should be asking to prospective hypervisor and security vendors.

Evolving Mobility Needs and Requirements for the Enterprise
Even in a time with great economic and financial uncertainty, the IT and business landscape continues to change at a frenetic pace. One of the greatest areas of change pertains to the adoption of smartphones and other mobile solutions in the enterprise. This adoption has also changed in the last couple of years from an almost exclusively centrally procured process to one where individuals can go to their local store and purchase their smartphone of choice.